Frankly speaking I have nothing urgent to report.

On the contrary, I would like to divulge calm in front of the present catastrophe.

Etymologically catastrophe is a movement beyond the edge of the present.

Only the catastrophe can disclose a new landscape.

Possibly there was a moment in which social consciousness coincided with the thread of evolution, but that moment has passed away, then social consciousness and techno-evolution started to diverge.

At a certain point the political discourse was invaded by the poison of Thatcherism. “There is no such thing as society” said the Lady, and it was not an assertion, but a self fulfilling prophecy.

Social life was turned into the hell of competition, hyper-exploitation, precariousness, anxiety and misery, and the point of convergence of techno-evolution and social consciousness melted in the air.

At the high point of the past social civilisation work and general Intellect were allied: technology and automation were on the verge of giving us the possibility to get free from the obligation of labor.

Everybody at work, but for less and less time.

You may call it refusal of work: our time can get free from the slavery of salary, as intelligent technology is reducing and reducing and reducing the time of necessary work.

But this possibility was missed because capitalism is unable to understand Evolution. Capitalism is a semiotic Code that translates time into money, richness into poverty, and freedom into slavery: capitalism is an entangling Gestalt: it is perverting technology and submitting the General Intellect to the stupid accumulation machine. Being based on the exploitation of living labor, capitalism is unable to make the most of the liberating potentialities of technology.

The outcome is the present catastrophe: a part of the work force is obliged to spend more and more time in the global factory in exchange of less and less money, while a growing number of people are plunged into the limbo of unemployment.

Political leaders and economic pundits are unable to come out from the obtuse Mantra: more work, more competition, more growth more more more.

What we need is the reverse: less less less, so to heal the pain of stress, anxiety and aggressiveness. Knowledge and technology are giving us the possibility of having what we need.

But the economic theology is making us blind and we don’t see what is at hand.

Growth and full employment are delusions. The obsession with growth is destroying the planet. Google is investing massively in the robot technology. 45% of the existing jobs are useless waste of time invested in doing things that intelligent machines could do in our place.

Take it easy. Only the catastrophe that is already underway can help us to disentangle revenue from labor.

Disentangle life from the obligation of work.

Disentangle intelligence from the stupidity of growth. Disentangle technology from the obsession of work.


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