[italiano] [español] The encapsulation (of the future in the past) Let me narrate the story this way: at a certain point in the history of the human race, namely in the second part of the XXth Century, a special constellation of events occurred: social consciousness and techno-evolution converged in an unprecedented way, and the possibility of emancipation of the potencies of knowledge from the  enslaved (salaried) work seemed to be (and actually was) at hand. During the previous millennium the law of exchange had deeply penetrated all the spheres…


Caminos para salir de la caverna: hacia un laboratorio a cielo abierto

[italiano] [español] Breaking free from the cavern: towards an open-air laboratory. 1. Open source and the poetics of the laboratory: a starting point. In this text, I would like to propose an understanding of the notions of open source and the poetics of the laboratory in a broad sense: as a more or less consistent set of social practices that are situated at the root of numerous communities throughout the world, and that go far beyond the spheres of science or the arts. I do…


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