How to Make Condensed Milk at Home?

Everybody loves making a fancy dessert at home, especially when it is one of your loved ones’ birthday. The most common ingredient for any dessert is sweetened condensed milk. Since it goes so well with any dessert, it has become one of the top trends to make at home. Even though condensed milk is available in almost all grocery stores or supermarkets, making your very own condensed milk adds a personal touch to the dessert. In this post, you will learn how to make condensed milk at home without any complication. Once you start making your very own condensed milk, you will notice the difference it makes in the taste of various desserts. 

What Condensed Milk Is Basically?

Condensed milk is traditional cow’s milk, which consists of more water. This watery milk is then boiled to an extent. Later a cup of sugar is added to the boiled milk. Sweetened condensed milk is extensively used in baking. Moreover, homemade sweetened milk has its own way of making the dessert taste unique. Many young chefs keep wondering how to make condensed milk at home; here is the answer for that. Since you need just two ingredients and no machine, you need hardly ten minutes to present your best-condensed milk. Condensed milk is the new secret to fruitier and lighter homemade desserts.  

Ingredients to Make Condensed Milk in Your Kitchen

The requirements to make condensed milk are very simple. You will only need fresh full cream milk and sugar. If you are diet-conscious, then you can choose low-fat milk as well. You will need 2 and a half cup of low-fat milk or fresh full cream milk and 1 cup of powdered sugar or castor sugar. 


Step 1

To start making this extremely easy recipe, take a round utensil or a deep-bottomed pan and put it over medium flame. Now, add 2 and a half cup of low-fat milk in it alongside with one cup of powdered sugar or castor sugar.  Continuously stir and mix well.

Step 2

Once you feel that the two have thoroughly mixed, lower the flame. It’s best to simmer the sugary milk for about 2-3 minutes until the sugar has completely dissolved and you can’t find any lumps. 

Step 3

Now, let the milk continuously simmer for almost 20-30 minutes till you find that the milk is reduced by almost half of its initial volume and double thick. If the foam or froth rises up, don’t panic, you can gently remove it with a spoon.

Step 4


Now, condensed milk is prepared. Turn off the flame and let the condensed milk cool down to room temperature. Do not forcefully cool it by placing it in a refrigerator. Transfer the contents to a glass jar and close with an airtight lid. Now, put the jar in the refrigerator to chill. This will make 1 big cup of homemade condensed milk. You can carefully store this condensed milk for up to six months.

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