Dalla parte di Giuda

franco berardi “E’ inverno a Gaza, in ogni maledetto senso della parola. Decine di migliaia di senza casa spesso ammucchiati in mezzo ai detriti di edifici bombardati. I bambini muoiono di freddo, secondo le Nazioni Unite… Quasi tutti quelli con cui ho parlato dicono che le condizioni sono più miserabili di quanto siano mai state, esacerbate dalla sensazione che presto ci sarà un’altra guerra.” (Nicholas Kristoff: Winds of war in Gaza,New York Times). E una nuova guerra è diventata più probabile dal giorno in cui Netaniahu…


How to build without a land

A project by Saba Innab 2011- Ongoing. Introduction. A project that revisits the relationship of construction and land to time, to temporariness that gradually transforms- or deforms- into durability. Referencing the Palestinian cause in particular, but also human alienation in general, the work recognizes the impossibility of construction without land as self-evident. However, imagining such a possibility may be essential prerequisite to effecting long-due change in architecture and politics. The project is composed of several elements which construct together a spatial narrative. The project started in…


Wailing Wall

MITRA AZAR / WAILING WALL / KALANDIA CHECKPOINT / 2013 Audio curated by Abdul Rahman Chamber The performance consists in a two channels video-projection. On the left screen, the artist slams his head compulsively against the wall which separates Israel from West-bank territories, where the majority of the Palestinian population lives. This gesture recalls the movement that accompanies the prayer of Orthodox Jews in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, creating a conceptual short-circuit between one of the most important places of the Jewish…


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